Clash of Kings Hero Guide

Clash of Kings is a top-rated real-time strategy game released on mobile devices in 2014. While there are many different mechanics at play, one of the most vital ones revolves around the heroes you collect as they increase your strength and ability to progress. We’re here to give you a few tips to maximize your hero management.

Clash of Kings Hero Guide

Tip 1: Gotta collect them all

Clash of Kings works on a gacha system, i.e., you get recruitment cards from playing the game or spending money in the shop, and then you use these at the Hero Palace to buy a loot chest. These chests can contain anything from food to hero blueprint shards.

Blueprint shards are eventually made into blueprints that will allow you to recruit the hero; fifty fragments synthesize into one blueprint. There’s quite a variety of heroes, and they each have their perks and specialties, so you’ll probably spend quite a lot of time trying to collect them all.

Tip 2: Strength always matters

Once you’ve managed to recruit your first hero, you’ll start leveling them with experience cards, which are also found from completing missions in-game or from the cash shop. As they level, heroes will gain powerful skills and abilities. You can even sacrifice your Lord’s experience points for hero experience should you receive a new hero and wish to level it as quickly as possible.

Tip 3: Defense, defense!

The most obvious use for heroes is to send them out to do quests and fight monsters and other players, but they can also be assigned to defend certain buildings. This feature will give specific bonuses to the buildings and ensure that they stay intact should another player attack you.

Tip 4: Heroes in office

You can also assign your heroes to an Official Position, which will allow them to gain experience every hour passively. The number of heroes posted at once depends on your citizen popularity level, but this can be a very efficient way to level your heroes whose stats aren’t as good as the rarer heroes.

Get your complete collection!

Heroes are vital to conquering the realms in Clash of Kings, so make sure to sink some time into leveling them up and gearing them properly. After all, every truly great kingdom has always been known for its heroes. If you enjoy this game, then you should also check out Clash of Clans.

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