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An amazing RPG for Android phones

Clash of Kings is a popular RPG Android game focusing on multiplayer combat in real-time. The game requires you to build empires, gain control over multiple kingdoms, and strategize to create a formidable army. To win the game, you need to take over enemy strongholds, while collecting resources to strengthen your troops. The action-packed game comes with colorful graphics, a good background score, and attention to the most minute details

If you’re interested in RPG downloads, this will be a great choice to have fun with friends and players from around the world.

Create empires, design castles, build reserves, and more

At first look, Clash of Kings feels similar to Clash of Clans and Castle Clash. However, the strategy game comes with a wide range of features, improved graphics, and the possibility to rule multiple kingdoms. You begin the journey as the leader of a huge army in the middle of a siege. With your strategy and military force, you need to defend your base, collect resources, and attack the enemy’s operations. 

How to play Clash of Kings?

With Clash of Kings download, you need to compete against friends and players. The increasing popularity of the game has fostered a large community that shares insights, information, tips, and tricks. The objective of the game is to build empires and defeat enemy bases to rule multiple kingdoms.

As an army leader, you can either venture out to explore the realm or battle enemies straightaway. The multiplayer adventure game lets you join thousands of online empires created by other players. 

To progress in Clash of Kings, you need to come up with various strategies. While some should be focused on building up reserves, others need to establish a solid army to attack rival forces.

It’s important to keep your resources safe from threats and attacks. You'll therefore need to formulate a game plan to defend everything you own. In this RPG download, you can design medieval towers and castles, and bolster their strength with weapons while the battle progresses.

Along the journey, you get the opportunity to pick up new skills and maneuvers to avert possible hostile clashes and block invaders. Similarly, if you want to form alliances, the game lets you join hands with other players to take down opponents. At times, your ‘new friends’ can turn against you, because they want to overtake your kingdom.

Clash of Kings gives you an adrenaline rush at every step of the way. There’s even a Player-versus-Player feature, where your kingdom can wage battle against another in real time. Additionally, you have the option to focus on just waging wars or impose territorial domination for fun.

How’s the gameplay?

After the first siege, you get some time to rebuild everything you lost in the battle. Right into the first leg of the journey, you'll come across a young woman who acts as a tutorial for game dynamics. She constantly instructs you about rebuilding the castle, capturing hostages, taking over kingdoms, and other aspects of the game.

Once you’ve gained some understanding of resource building and military strategy, you’re free to rule the kingdom as you please. The interface lets you click on buildings and see what they offer. There is even a useful info board near the castle. It gives you all the necessary information you need to know about the gameplay.

How are the graphics?

Elex Wireless has done an amazing job with the graphics. Compared to other Android games in this category, this one feels like a refreshing visual adventure. The graphics look vibrant and crisp, which is a blessing for RPG downloads. While the game isn’t too fast-paced, the appealing visuals ensure you’re never bored in your journey to rule the kingdoms.

Each character looks detailed and merry, so you can engage in interactions with ease. Overall, Clash of Kings has tried to replicate an HD look, and fortunately, the development team has done a great job of achieving this goal.

Is Clash of Kings a good game?

Clash of Kings download is ideal for people who like managing and building empires. You can build bases, collect resources, strategize to take over kingdoms, and explore the realm. However, the game does not have fast-paced action, which some hardcore fans might miss. If you’re interested in lively and fast-action sequences, you could try Gacha Club and Genshin Impact.

On the other hand, if player-versus-player or combat games look appealing to you, this epic battle to rule the kingdoms will be an excellent choice. 

You just sit back and enjoy your empire as it turns into a full-fledged conquering force. You'll soon enough shatter your enemies with different strategies and become the ruler of the realm. While Clash of Kings is free to play, the game does focus on in-app purchases for upgrades.

Build an empire in a multiplayer combat game

Clash of Kings is an excellent multiplayer RPG Android game. It pits your forces against enemies and friends from around the world. In a ferocious battle to rule the kingdoms, you come across various alliances as well as hostile environments. You build cities, castles, and armies to defend your reign and join thousands of lords in an action-packed war to control multiple kingdoms in the land. 

With excellent graphics, easy-to-understand gameplay, and a good background score, this app will keep you occupied with loads of fun for hours.

Because it supports multiplayer as well as PvP mode, you can play one-on-one to learn the basics or engage in full-fledged battles with experienced players. While the game has in-app purchases, you could still progress without spending anything on items and upgrades. It will just be a bit harder.


  • Offers good graphics
  • Not overwhelming for beginners
  • Supported by a large community


  • Feels generic after a while

Clash of Kings APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 6.27.0
  • 3.8
  • (17)
  • APK Status

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