A Clash of Kings Quests

Clash of Kings is a famous android RPG (role-playing game) from Elex Wireless. This mobile game allows players to create their empires, design castles, build up their reserves and go on quests. 

Clash of Kings is a strategy game where you have to plan your next move to build your empire and defeat your enemies. Players can also battle against their friends or other online players in this beautifully animated mobile game. To enjoy the game from your PC, you’ll need to have an android emulator, such as Bluestacks, installed.

Although you can enjoy only the game’s strategic battles, for those players who need a little more substance, there’s the option to participate in story quests.

Why Should You Do Quests?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider taking on a quest in Clash of Kings.

  • Participating in the story quests allows the player to immerse themselves into the world of the game completely. 
  • Sometimes all you want to do in a mobile game is defeat enemies, which is fine. But for those times when you need something more, you can pursue a quest
  • Completing quests increase your renown, lord power, and XP (experience), which you need to progress in the game and recruit heroes. However, you can gain both renown and XP throughout other areas such as battling. Gaining renown and XP through quests allows you to progress much faster.
  • You are also able to earn skills, relationships and improve your stats
  • By participating in quests, you explore much more of the world. This increases your chances of finding valuable and rare treasures. 

How Do I Find a Quest?

Most quests in Clash of Kings have to be activated by an NPC (non-player character). Once you have interacted with this character, they will refer you to the quest giving NPC. You must read the dialogue. Otherwise, you might miss who the quest giver is and where to find them. Some of the popular quests include the Brothers quest, the Valyrian Steel quest, and the Lights quest

Find your path

Currently, there are 20 various story quests to complete. The first four quests are easy, and they provide you with enough renown to start recruiting. 

What are you waiting for? Download the mobile game now and start building your empire. 

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