Clash of Kings Hero Positions

The Clash of Kings mobile game is taking the world by storm. This multiplayer online game has enthralled players for the past six years. The epic battles, strategies, and story quests keep players entertained for hours.

The original ‘Garrison System’ in the game was updated to the ‘Hero Position’ system in 2020. But what does that mean for your game?

What Are Heroes?

Heroes are special characters in the game. All the Clash of King heroes have different passive skills and abilities. These abilities are critical. They can help reduce your research and healing costs. They can raise your hospital capacity as well as your attack. These and many other skills greatly benefit your gameplay.

Heroes can be recruited by collecting recruitment cards. These cards can be found in gift bags or bought from the shop. You can also develop your heroes further and increase their skills and make them stronger. To do this, you’ll need to use experience cards. 

What Are Hero Positions?

You can assign your heroes to specific positions. Your Heroes skills will strengthen the attributes of this position. You’ll be able to see the attribute change when you assign a hero to a position. This will help you put the best heroes in the best places.

You’ll require a certain castle level to start unlocking the various hero positions. Once you reach a certain level of popularity, you can assign more heroes (between one to three) to the same position. 

Heroes will also continue to gain experience while they are assigned to an official position. 

Currently, there are 13 official hero positions. See the list below:

  • Official
  • Builder
  • Supplier
  • Research Scientist
  • Collection Officer
  • Doctor
  • Recruiter
  • Envoy of Civilization
  • Infantry Commander
  • Cavalry Commander
  • Archer Commander
  • Siege Commander
  • Guardian Knight

As you can see from this list, it’s vital to be aware of your hero’s abilities. There’s no best hero. They all have different skills, and it is up to you to ensure you use those abilities in the best position you can.

Should you try using Hero Positions?

Absolutely! Assigning your heroes to official positions is the best way to ensure you are using their abilities to the game’s full potential. It also allows your heroes to gain experience, making them stronger.

Go on and try assigning your heroes to positions now.

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